Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition


Curated by Geraldine Blais Zodo & Pier Paolo Pancotto

02ND . 08th MAY 2016

Calle degli Avvocati 3907
San Marco - 30124 Venice

In the mid-fifties the lawyer Luigi Scatturin called Carlo Scarpa (Venice, 1906 - Sendai 1978) to design the interior of his legal department in Santa Maria Formosa, Venice. Shortly after he moved to calle degli Avvocati near Sant’Angelo and, once again, he invited him to take care of his studio and house. Scarpa designed the full 250 square meters located on the top floor of the seventeenth century building, dealing with the architectural interventions as well as the furnishing. This set is one of the most significant examples of Scarpa’s works in the field of private clients still visible in their entirety, rare example of a time now lost, the work is the result of the bond of mutual respect that has long united Scatturin and Scarpa, at whose name could be added the artist Tancredi Parmeggiani (Feltre, 1927 - Rome, 1964) linked to Scatturin for family reasons as well as cultural, and here rappresented by some of his paintings. The intellectual exchange and the dialectical relationship are the starting point of the exhibition project LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE as well as the eponymous desk designed by Scarpa for Scatturin’s studio. The project offers some of the most significant presences of the contemporary creative scene, all invited to relate to the history and the structure of the Home-Studio Scatturin, in each case with different modalities - staying at home, living for few hours, consulting the space and its life, analyzing the documentary sources - in order to create a work inspired by this experience. The result is a visual journey suspended in time and in spatial dimension where the parallelism of past and present moments performs the testimony of the energy produced by the intellectual and emotional encounter between ScarpaScatturin and Tancredi, and its unaltered actuality.

Artists involved: YURI ANCARANI (Ravenna, 1972) GIORGIO ANDREOTTA CALÒ (Venice, 1979) HOPE ATHERTON (Warrenton, 1974), PATRIZIO DI MASSIMO (Jesi, 1983) CLAIRE FONTAINE (Paris, 2004), NICOLA MARTINI (Florence, 1984), LILI REYNAUD DEWAR (La Rochelle, 1975), EMANUEL RÖHSS (Gothenburg, 1985), ARCANGELO SASSOLINO (Vicenza, 1967), MORGANE TSCHIEMBER (Brest, 1976), NICO VASCELLARI (Vittorio Veneto, 1976).