Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition


Fundraising show
12 . 13 September 2012

Opening 11 September 2012 - H. 06 pm


On September 11th 2012 MARSÈLLERIA PERMANENT EXHIBITION is hosting the fundraising event SHORT SHOW, project conceived by the independent curators Paola Gallio and Davide Tomaiuolo.

After 5 years of activity, primarily supported by Mirko Rizzi and the artists with whom they collaborated, Short Show and Short Visit called on their followers for the event aimed at raising funds to finance an art network project between the cities of Milan, Berlin and New York.

The proceeds will be invested in building the legal grounds of the association that will lead the project and in finding a space that will be its base. The place will host a new stage of the experience involving an interchange with projects similar to Short Visit around the capitals of contemporary art.

Team working means growing and amplifying resources and opportunities, we believe in the propulsion of collaboration.

The showcased artists are: Tomer Aluf, Marco Belfiore, Paul Branca, T-Yong Chung, Jared Deery, Giovanni de Francesco, Tomaso Fauro de Luca, Nicola Gobbetto, Paolo Gonzato, Giorgio Guidi, Fawn Krieger, Stefano Mandracchia, Pat Palermo, Marta Pierobon, Giordano Pozzi, Felice Serreli, Annette Wehrhahn.

The showcased works will be available for purchase on the website for a month.

Short Visit is an itinerant curatorial project conceived by Paola Gallio and Davide Tomaiuolo, that chooses the artist's studio as an exhibition space.

Short Visit represents the evolution of the previous Short Show. The process develops backwards. Short Visit is conceived as an author's pirandellian research; a content in search of a container.

The Short Visit format looks for a place and recognizes it in the form of a studio visit. Short Visit, through reproducing the same temporal workings of Short Show, becomes a rapid exhibition event, that involves an opening time when a site specific project of the artist is presented within his studio. During the 10 days that follow the vernissage the space will be used as an inter-zone for the work's presentation, showing the practice of an ordinary studio visit.

Because of its nomadic fluidity, Short Visit will not have a predetermined schedule but it will develop according to the availability and needs of the people involved. This way the website will become a complement to the project by being its actual base.

Along with every event, on the website there will be images of the un-shown project, a selection of works from the artist's book and the information on how to reach the studio, in order to transform the process, over time, into a mapping tool and a platform for networking.


SHORT VISIT by Canedicoda

GABBIANACCI Via Cadore 26, Milan

Opening 11 September 2012 - H. 06 pm

From 12 . 21 September by appointment