Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

"AAT + Persona II"

16 JULY . 28 AUGUST 2015

Preview by invitation Wednesday, July 15th, 6 pm

Press preview by accreditation Wednesday, July 15th, 3 – 6 pm

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 11.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m. | Saturday & Sunday by appointment


Marsèlleria permanent exhibition presents AAT + Persona II, a solo show by Lorenzo Senni (from July 16th to August 28th). Senni, a leading figure in international electronic music, will show a sound installation resulting from the experience in the legendary EMS studio in Stockholm.
AAT (Advanced Abstract T, ’36 ‘’48), presented as stereo diffusion, it's a '36 "48 long audio-piece, a composed display of breakdowns, falling basses, flattened pre-build-up states, and non-uplifting musical regions in Trance, Hard Trance, Hardstyle & Hardcore.

Along the sonic element, Persona II, (#3 digital prints) is a complementary selection from the series Persona, for which the artist commissioned drawings to users from the DeviantArt community.

Thanks to Red Bull for the support to realize part of the installation.

On July 15th, at 10 pm, the artist will be a protagonist in the Hangar Bicocca programme Summer Casino, curated by Damián Ortega and Pedro Rocha.

#perpetualTrance #circumscribedEuphoria #canyonsOfStatic #TemplateT #PointillisticTrance


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