Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

scultura lingua

Simone Berti, Sergio Breviario, Samuele Menin, Alessandro Roma
curated by Barbara Meneghel

7 . 29 april 2011

Opening 6 April 2011, H. 07 pm


Starting from April 6th (opening by invitation at 7.00pm) Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition hosts SCULTURA LINGUA a group show curated by Barbara Meneghel dedicated to the plastic research of Simone Berti, Sergio Breviario, Samuele Menin, Alessandro Roma.

The project's title plays ironically with that of the provocative book "Scultura lingua morta"(Sculpture dead tongue) by Arturo Martini (1945). The reference to the anthology on one hand pays homage to him who was the sculptor par excellence but on the other hand aims to go beyond it and make it potentially ambiguous; it aims to underline the importance of a raw, concrete, physical dimension different from some of those forms of conceptualization that over the past few years have been often applied to sculpture itself.

Through works specifically conceived for the event and works of their past production, the artists inform a specific kind of sculpture that moves towards a comeback to the materialism and physical objectification of making art.

The show focuses exclusively on tri-dimensional works of several sizes, each one with specific features of the artist's research but all sharing a strong mutual reference to an imaginary connected to earth in the term's original meaning, to the sensuality of the living matter, to a sort of primitivism of the sculptural act.
Ceramic, chalk, resin, metal, cement are the protagonists of works characterized by evident weight and tactile value all displayed over the three levels space.