Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition


LAUNCH 19 MARCH 2015 H. 7-10 PM

Parterre de Rois is pleased to present its third issue: Rebellion.

A rich menu dedicated to every free rider that carries that amazing burning spirit inside.

Featuring: Alan Chies, Alice Schillaci, Alison Mosshart, Angelo Flaccavento, Ben Toms, Bibiana Fernández, Cameron Platter, Danny Treacy, Ewen Spencer, Gavin Watson Gorka Postigo, Grigoris Papagrigoriou, Jack Stauffacher, Jacopo Benassi, John Waters, Julie Cockburn, Leo Maguire, Lydia Lunch, Marco Bongiorni, Marina Abramovic, Matthew Stone, Matthias Aschauer, Mattias Karlsson, Max Doerr, Max Doyle, Miguel Calderón, Nico Vascellari, Nicolas Jaar, Patrick Angus, Paul Kilsby, Rankin, Regina José Galindo, Ren Hang, Richard Jackson, Samantha Casolari, Sasha Kurmaz, Shadi Ghadirian, Shirin Fakhim,Thomas Grundmann, Will Laren, Yukio Nakagawa, Zemmoa.

Parterre de Rois is an independent aesthetic magazine amalgamating erudite and popular culture. It’s an imaginary dinner party where one word is on the menu, mixing contemporary culture with, rich & famous, underdogs and oddballs, influential and original minds. Not following trends PDR searches in nooks and crannies looking for zeitgeist.
Printed in 500 limited numbered copies, is published an average of twice a year. It aims to be collectable by being curated with care and passion and by making each issue unique in style and graphic content. It is curated and designed in Milan and distributed directly to selected stores in Tokyo, Berlin, London, New York, Vienna, Venice and Milan.

Parterre de Rois is founded and curated by Molly Molloy and Gianni Tozzi.