Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

time line



Opening 5 November 2012 - H. 07 pm




Visual artist, composer/musician, and director, Roberto Paci Dalò ( presents on the three floors of Marsèlleria Time Line, a retrospective exhibition—enriched by some never-before-seen works—in which drawings, sounds, sculptures, and videos are installed so as to create a comprehensive, "total" work intimately tied to the type of hosting venue. Through light, projection, and sound the spaces of Marsèlleria are interconnected, to create a single, large immersive environment.

Beginning with handwritten pages, the show presents itself like an electric field. A place activated by history and by people. A two-way radio station, a device that creates vibrations, flashes, lightning, shadows, falls, losses between inside and outside. A suspended state where more than one time is encountered (in short, a multiple time line).

Roberto Paci Dalò, active for years on the international scene, creates his work starting with sound and drawing, then expanding to sculpture, installation, music, film, performance, and collaborative projects, between institution, the independent scene, and pop culture.

Art, science, and nature are the key words of his oeuvre. A pioneer in the use of Internet and in integrating analogical and digital technologies, his work areas include: radio transmission, telematic networks, persistence of classical tradition in contemporaneity, psicoacoustics, robotics, cybernetics, man-machine interaction, real-time sound-image elaboration, soundscapes (acoustic city portraits), cartography.

In defining his own work Paci Dalò coined the definitions: media dramaturgy and theatre of listening.

He frequently creates his works in various fields, further investigating different aspects of perception of the same material. Thus scene and music works often become radio pieces or interactive sound/video installations and online projects.

In addition to customary venues (galleries, museums, theaters...), site-specific practices are one of the most important characteristics of his work: experiencing places to transform them, often with the people who live them (including ghosts in ghost towns). Relationship with people is therefore important to establish bonds that—though stemming from artistic practice—may also transcend by creating collaboration and participation on various levels. Among his geographic references, some areas of the world (and their cultures) such as Armenia and Georgia (Transcaucasia, in general), Mitteleuropa, North American deserts, Jerusalem.

His systematic visits to sites of worship (in particular Armenian and Orthodox Christian churches, synagogues, and mosques) are part of his practice, while a particular relationship with the Hebrew universe acts as a constant counterpoint to his oeuvre.

Time Line is dedicated to John Cage: on display is his mesostic dedicated to Paci Dalò and never presented in public before.