Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

MARSÈLLERIA New York screenings

MAY 12TH - 26TH 2018

Riccardo Benassi – Rä di Martino - ALESSANDRO DI PIETRO - Invernomuto - Luca Trevisani - Zapruder filmmakersgroup


On the occasion of Frieze Art Fair 2018, Marsèlleria opens its door to Italian film production with a rich screening program.

Prominent Italian artists are invited by Marsèlleria - New York to share their works with an international audience. They presented their researches in Milan over the years of collaboration with Marsèlleria and the experience will be repeated in the New York venue: the spaces of Marsèll showroom will be “lent” for experimenting contemporary languages.

Screenings calendar

4.00 pm - Riccardo Benassi. Techno Casa (40’)
4.40 pm - Rä di Martino. Poor Poor Jerry (6’ 18’’)
4.50 pm - Alessandro Di Pietro. Felix [reloaded] (17’)
5.10 pm - Invernomuto. MALÚ (30’ 08’’)
5.40 pm - Luca Trevisani. Sudan (15’)
6.00 pm - Zapruder filmmakersgroup. CINEMA AS A SEANCE (52’)

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