Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

miart 2014

28 . 30 march 2014




Vanishing point is the site-specific installation created by artist Batia Suter for the participation of Fantom and Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition to MIART 2014.

The work was commissioned to the artist by Fantom and it is the second installment of the collaboration between the curatorial collective and Marsèlleria. An ongoing project that debuted with the organization of a conference at Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, September 2013.

The walls of the booth are completely covered by a series of monumental prints resulting from the digital manipulation of found photographs – Suter’s method often involves the use of photo-animations, image sequences and appropriated materials. By transferring old images in new contexts, she explores themes such as the iconification of images and their immunogenicity.

Charged with new associative values, the photographs of Vanishing point contribute to the staging of a force field of imaginative metamorphosis, a space that is rich in hidden harmonies and expressive accidents.

Cut Through Montagu Pass – South Africa, a poster of a manipulated picture from National Geographic Magazine, complements the installation and is available for free in a limited stock for the duration of the fair.

Artist’s bio
Batia Suter was born in Switzerland in 1967. Her work has been widely exhibited in Europe and America, and her series Parallel Encyclopedia and Surface Series were published by Roma Publications respectively in 2007 and 2011. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition is the multidisciplinary platform created by fashion brand Marsèll in 2009 in its Milanese headquarters.
It is a space that welcomes every creative expression to explore the trans-disciplinary quality of contemporary culture, fostering dialogues and collaborations between visual artists, curators, researchers, musicians, performers, designers, film-makers and creatives.
White and devoid of overt defining signs, Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition is an adaptive environment that changes according to every project, meeting the needs of different media: video, performance, installation, sculpture, readings, painting, photography.
It is a laboratory where the limits, possibilities and crossovers of artistic expression are tested. Its guiding principle is “radical authenticity” and decisions are taken following emotional, rather than strategic criteria, with an emphasis on the Italian context.

Since its inception in Milan in 2009, with the publication of a quarterly and a series of photobooks distributed in over 20 countries, Fantom has become a reference in the world of contemporary photography.
In 2012, after the publication of 10 issues, the printing of the magazine was discontinued while its project progressed to become an internet platform and a curatorial collective that carries on investigating the uses and abuses of photography, as Fantom’s original motto states – while it continues to edit and publish books.
Founder and editor-in-chief Selva Barni. Founder and publisher Massimo Torrigiani. Associate editor Francesco Zanot. Editorial office Didier Falzone and Ilaria Speri. Publishing assistant Simone Castelli.