Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition


APRIL 7TH . MAY 6TH 2016


Limited places - admission until 1AM

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The exhibition will be open from 9PM

Sparkling Matter will be extended to Clima Gallery

(09.04.2016 - 12.05.2016 | opening 08.04.2016 from 10.30 AM)

Marsèlleria via privata Rezia 2, Milano


“My promise could be your fiend

A given end to your dreams

A simple movement or rhyme

Could be the smallest of signs.”

(New Order)

Sparkling Matter is a potentially infinite cyclic horizon, a fertile ground contaminated by sculptural objects, visual patterns and sound data elaborated in a live flux.


Starting from studies based on the states of consciousness active during the various stages of sleep, Matteo Nasini focuses on the possibility of transforming cerebral waves of someone sleeping into sound. The electrophysiological recording of the electroencephalogram (EEG) is able to capture the electrical activity of the brain. This process - here realised with a 16 channel Brain Computer Interface system - permits brain waves to be acquired and re-elaborated into single sound frequencies through an analogue digital process.


What arises is a polyphonic constellation in a continuous evolution in time, which is not directly subject to verifiable parameters, like the intensity variations of Delta, Theta and Alpha waves during the sleep cycles. The focal point of the project is to find an impulse towards a sensitive posture in a listening sphere, a personal attitude inside the abstraction of the sound element, considered as a physical and spatial dimension, both personal and collective. The real perception of a purely evocative form as the spectrum of sounds audible during the two sleep concerts, will allow the listener to experiment with his own hypnagogic state, entering a transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and falling asleep, when images and thoughts tend to acquire a vague and almost blurred nature.


What is at stake is also the analysis of the intervention of technological data in the identity of a human process, and how this is capable of modifying its trajectory, channelling it into an hybrid stream.


Sparkling Matter thus reveals itself as elusive matter and living substance, as much as a complex and hectic object. It is a rhythmic landscape of impulses and light trails acting on a liminal zone, ready to contract and expand; it is a soundtrack of signs striving for a plastic form. It is a temporal folding where the mind, followed by the body, slips into a ‘region of the consciousness’. The attempt to give it a voice and a form is a way of grasping and sharing it. (Giovanna Manzotti)



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