Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

Christian Manuel Zanon
Mantra Milano

opening 17th december 2015, 6pm
18th-22nd DECEMBER 2015 by appointment

Marsèlleria via Paullo 12/A, Milano


Marselleria presents Mantra Milano, an exhibition by Christian Manuel Zanon, that will be hold in via Paullo 12/A and opened by appointment from 17th December, 6pm, until 22nd December 2015 (

“Mantra Milano”is not only one of the exhibited works, but the title chosen by Zanon as a symbol and a statement of his work. Time and its circularity, and the idea of a potentially endless repetition are crucial for his actions, no matter if they are acts on words and writing or installations or drawings.

Christian Manuel Zanon has the right stuff to be an artist, a stranger among the people moving hastily in the streets, how Piero Ciampi could have said.That’s because his works are not made to be instantly perceived; they have to be read and deciphered, more than to be watched. From the beginning, Zanon’s works are made of words that look like him, having the same gait he has, the same way of appearing and disappearing, the same breath, the same timbre. Zanon prefers to conceive the writing as something material, as a construction, not as an expression. He thinks of it as a series of actions made by the withdrawal of verbal materials that already existed before the writing; these materials are then reunited in a vocabulary built over time, a kind of safe-deposit box from which you could draw your own tools. The actions consist of taking words from the huge verbal area surrounding, after having arranged the pace and, possibly, the emotional strength of the entire operation.Zanon’s works have the typical “unpleasantness” that does not try to tickle the recipient, but it forces him to “work with” it. (Azalea Seratoni)

The exhibition at Marselleria comprises two installations related to the idea of interaction from two different points of view: the words of Mantra Milano (2014) – a work originating from the bookTesi by Vincenzo Agnetti, published in 1972 by Prearo – and the steps composingStella, una passeggiata (2015). The exhibition is completed by the workPromesso a te (2015), a drawing that produced a postal cancellation, an instrument of relation between sender and recipient across the world.

After “Mantra Milano”, the next solo exhibition by Christian Manuel Zanon, “Lotteria Immanuel”, will open on 16th January at Galleria Fuoricampo, Siena.


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