Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

"The Goodiepal Equation" film premiere - LIVE ARTS WEEK VII launch

april 4 th 2018 - H. 9.30 PM

via paullo 12/a - milan


Goodiepal is one of the protagonists of Live Arts Week VII, created and directed by Xing, taking place from April Wednesday 18 to Saturday 21 in Bologna.

The Danish artist will seize Le Corbusier's Esprit Nouveau Pavilion, to create a living museum, a magic crypt where tricks and secrets of the most esoteric sound art will be revealed in between live concerts and other daily actions (The crypt of the fading composer). An eccentric personality who infested the European underground music world of the last years, Goodiepal installed at SMK, the National Art Gallery of Denmark, all his personal belongings and, in 2016, being tired to tour alone, he founded the Goodiepal & Pals, which is a refugee organization disguised as a Contemporary-Tek-Rock-Band.

A film has been dedicated to his life, The Goodiepal Equation, directed by Sami Sänpäkkilä, which Italian premiere will be held in Milan on Wednesday April 4 at 9.30, during a Live Arts Week launch appointment, supported by Marsèll and hosted by Marsèlleria in its venue in via Paullo 12/A in Milan. The Goodiepal Equation documentary film is the first feature film by the founder of Fonal Records, musician and artist Sami Sänpäkkilä. The film presented in its world premiere at the Helsinki International Film Festival in 2017, narrates the deeds of Goodiepal. A self-proclaimed “man for the new millennium”, Goodiepal is an artist and theorist, hacker, Renaissance man and futurist, philanthropist and drop-out, activist and collector. A master-trickster exploring the fringes of society and continuing to ride thousands of kilometers on his self-built bicycle that he also uses to power his shows.

The director Sami Sänpäkkilä says: “The Goodiepal Equation documentary film reveals a small part of Goodiepal’s personality and mystery. It shows its protagonist as both an uncompromising artist and a loyal friend. Goodiepal explores the boundaries of society’s rules. He shatters the definitions of art in his works and actions. Goodiepal is by nature impenetrable, yet consistent. That is why people often either love him or hate him. Goodiepal himself forms an essential part of his theories. Indeed, the Goodiepal Equation is as follows: “The longer and further a message travels over space and time, the more value it adds to its content.” One might think that this documentary has been made on the off-chance of Goodiepal later becoming an extremely famous artist and theorist. This, however, is a ready example of the paradox that is Goodiepal – it will never happen. If nothing else, it will be hindered by Goodiepal’s personality.“

The original soundtrack of The Goodiepal Equation, collected in 4 vinyls, has just been published. Fonal Records will sell just 50 copies. When they will run out of these copies, the rest will be swapped with other records, to be sent to Goodiepal at the Denmark Art National Gallery.

"I am old and I need new music, YES I need to listen to new Music - so the copy's that I have, I will only trade! And we are in business, be inventive!"

The Goodiepal Equation - A film by Sami Sänpäkkilä
official trailer

Live Arts Week VII takes place in the spaces of the Ex GAM, the former historic Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, and in the Padiglione Esprit Nouveau, the central hubs of this new Performance Week which also involves an ever-widening group of spaces, organizations and institutions active in the field of contemporary arts. Unique in Italy, this event dedicated to live arts, hosts a blend of new productions that revolve around the presence, performance and perceptual experience of bodies, movements, sounds and visions, with a program that offers a calendar of live works (performances, environments, concerts, expanded cinema with unique dates, productions and previews) presented by important personalities in the international and contemporary research scene.


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