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1 december 2011

H. 07 pm - 09 pm


KINGS MAG/ZINE Issue #2 - Issue #2 – Arancio (Orange)

LOVE: Love, sex, eroticism.
Every issue of KINGS Mag/zine, printed in black and white plus a fluo color, is conceived as an art multiple, printed in limited edition (1.000 copies circulation including 100 special editions) with additional gadgets and handmade designs, everyone different from the other, so to make every copy a one of a kind piece.

WOMEN: "Questo amore spiato Perché noi lo spiavamo Perseguitato ferito calpestato ucciso negato dimenticato" Nan Goldin risked his life for love. "La verità, vi prego, sull'amore" Rachael, on the other hand, through love found life. "L'homme qui aimait les femmes" Raymond Pettibon did not waste any ink where there was not a femme fatale to immortalize.

PORTAITS: "Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See" Pictorial portraits, conceived through the meeting of a man with his camera. Enigmatic and haughty, definitely human, because, in love, words, very often, are not needed.

SOCIAL: "All is Full of Love" Love as a sense of belonging. KINGS has always chosen social loaded themes to underline and communicate the thing that too often is hidden behind an unconscious everyday life.
- HUMAN RIGHTS: Mariangela Bizzarri explains her commitment to defending women that underwent abuses and violence.
- "ACQUA IN MALI" IN-VITA Ngo project, supported by Daniela Bertazzoni. L'ALCOL DIVENTA ACQUA (alcohol turns into water): the Special Event of KINGS Mag/zine #2's presentation is hosting a Concept Bar where every alcoholic cocktail has a symbolic cost which will be donated to the project.
- ANTICHITÀ: A travel back in time to discover sex when it was free and without prejudice; normality even in diversity, without censorships, in Pompei, in Magna Grecia and in Imperial Rome.
- NUCLEARE VADE RETRO: a special contribuition by Fornasetti
- VAN GOGH FUCK ART WORLD: MODIGLIANI. A regular section dedicated to those artists that lived out of art only after their death, moved by an unstoppable urge.

NEW IN KINGS MAG/ZINE: A supplement to which artists and creative people can freely contribute through open calls by sending their material to the editorial staff. Special projects, unpublished material, far-back given up works, all collected by KINGS with love – no strings detached!

SPECIFICATIONS KINGS: Mag/zine #2 Arancio (Orange) "LOVE" Love, sex, eroticism.

Federica Perazzoli, Daniele Innamorato Barbara Frappi, Elena Bordignon Guia Cortassa, Valentina Ardia, Elena Bari, Kathy Grayson, Andrea Lissoni, Barbara Meneghel, Catherine Opie. Sabrina Querci, Riccardo Bagnoli.

Nicole Belle, Jacopo Benassi, Nan Goldin, Kings, Raymond Pettibon. Amedeo Modigliani, Carola Merello, King Leonardo Da Vinci, Daniela Bertazzoni, Mariangela Bizzarri, Pomperi, Jean Tinguely, Riccardo Bagnoli, Fabio Paleari.

Info and contact: KINGS Via Salomone 67/B - 20138 - Milan