Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

"impression" the book

daniele innamorato a private presentation
21 september . 21 october 2013 by appointment only

Opening 20 September 2013, H. 08 > 11 pm strictly personal invitation


A photographic travel beginning in 1985 and still happening.

A journey across feminine faces and bodies that meet the author, pass through him and come back to us filtered by his chords, revealing the most intimate side of Daniele Innamorato. The book encloses an unreleased part of the artist’s production, which grew during the years assuming the corpus and the worth of an artwork. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

An interior walk through portrait, women’s passion, the years and the feeling, that, here soft, there intense, surfaces from the snapshots.

This feeling is the focus of this work in progress, in which, figures who impressed the author for their charme, friends, girlfriends, lovers follow one another. Women. Instants, moments and situations eternalized in an obsessive, bulimic way come to a new life through faces, details, naked and erotic bodies, up to the extreme honesty of pornographic self-portraits.

The atmosphere in the book will be put into effect on the three levels of Marsèlleria. The book will then explode creating an exhibition.

Federica Tattoli
Translation Jacopo Bedussi