Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition

Top100 Vol. 6 & 10th anniversary party

5 APRIL 2013 - H. 09 pm
from H. 08 pm presentation in the presence of the artist and many participants to the project
on this occasion all the Top100 music will be played by Greg Boust (Le Baron)

Davide Bertocchi will celebrate in Milan at Marsèlleria the ten-year anniversary of his project, Top100, presenting the latest of his six CDs for the first time in Italy during Miart 2013:
Top100 vol. 6 (produced by Dena Foundation, Paris and la maison rouge, Paris).
Greg Boust, the well-known Parisian artistic director of the Le Baron club (Paris New York, London), will select the music for the event. He has followed the developments of the Top100 project since 2005.
During the show, Davide Bertocchi will involve some participants of the Top100 project in its various editions.



Begun in 2003, the Top100 gathers, for each edition, the 100 songs selected by players on the contemporary art scene, whom Davide Bertocchi asked to choose their favorite song, intended both as a personal soundtrack and as music emblematic of a particular moment.
Initially, the project was born as the artist's critical reflection on "Top100" classifications (100 best artists, 100 best curators, Power 100, etc.) in contemporary art magazines and the imposing role these inevitably play as sole judgment.The idea is rather simple: each time invite 100 figures (critics, curators, artists, gallerists, collectors) to choose their own preferred song and then use the compilation-archive to create a CD that acts as a sound magazine in which the idea of "choice" can be traced back to its most basic, intimate, and emotional form.
The six existing compilations have by now become a veritable publishing project in which this mechanism of choice has been taken to extremes: a magazine where the sole criterion present is selecting your favorite song. The Top100 CDs are a multiple, in editions of 500.
Some figures: the project involves 627 people for a total of 621 songs and 44 playing hours. They take up 3.5 GB of memory and are the result of 1,283 e-mail messages. There have been 11 presentations and launches to the public, involving 10 years of work.
The latest CD, the Top100 vol. 6, produced by Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, and la maison rouge / Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, uses the graphic design of Martin Pyper.