Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition


Simon Hasan, Ben Jones, Max Lamb, Kwangho Lee, Robert Loughlin, Peter Marigold
13 . 30 April 2010

Opening 13 April 2010, H. 06 pm

Curated by: Paul Johnson and Paolo Maistri


Commissioned presents the latest works by six young designers, Simon Hasan, Ben Jones, Max Lamb, Kwangho Lee, Robert Loughlin, and Peter Marigold. Though they have different backgrounds and origins, they share the same feeling for unusual materials and new ways of using them.

Commissioned is the inspired outcome of a meeting between two prominent names in the world of contemporary design: Paul Johnson, founder and director of the Johnson Trading Gallery, which has been operating in New York since 2007 as a centre for the production and display of works by young international designers, and Paolo Maistri, former special projects manager at Design Miami in Miami and Basel, and curator since 2010 of a cycle of exhibitions in the Sala Vinçon in Barcelona, where he currently lives and works. Both have a particular interest in the same aesthetic current, with a special focus on the processing and sensations of materials.
For FuoriSalone 2010, they have decided to show the works of the designers they follow, in Spain and the United States respectively, in order to support them, help them mature, and make them known to a top-level international public.

The venue for their works, the Marsèlleria is also quite out of the ordinary. These new premises, designed for a range of artistic forms, constitute a "creative platform for those who share a desire to express themselves". In the Porta Vittoria area of Milan, Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition is a place that is not linked to particular forms of expression, but rather that adapts to different types of event, allowing those involved to show themselves off to the best advantage whatever their work.