Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition


carlos casas
29 october 2010 . 14 january 2011

Opening 28 October 2010, H. 06 pm


After closing the End trilogy with a special event hosted at Hangar Bicocca, the Catalan visual artist and filmmaker Carlos Casas returns to Milan to present, in a first-ever preview at Marsèlleria permanent exhibition, the second stage of Cemetery, opening on Thursday, October 28th.


Marsèlleria permanent exhibition will showcase videos, designs and images of a long term project that are part of a research for the creation of a film on an imaginary elephant cemetery between Nepal and India borders.


Since its beginning in 2009, this project has had its first stage hosted at the Netmage festival in 2010.

The second stage presents the research's advancement of its homonymous film. Casas uses the film's archive as a kind of sculptural material, living part of an imaginary past that is thus born again in the present.


The film deals with an elephant's and its mahout's journey towards a secret cemetery. The film is an inquiry in death, reincarnation and immortality. It analyses those fields where Hindu and Buddhist traditions collide. Cemetery is a film that explores memory, colonialism, discovery and loss, lost and unknown worlds yet to be mapped.


The audiovisual works displayed are part of a wider research. They are experiments carried out with archived material just like classic adventure films, documentaries, the "lost worlds" literature and the cinematographic productions of exotic adventures of the '30s,'40s,'50s,'60s, "the golden age" of adventure films. The archive works are notes of some of the techniques and visions that will be part of the film, they are a new approach to sound and image, an overwhelming experiment with audiovisual material.