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It's an escapee from the prison of our imagination

Opening February 4, 7 pm
Talk with Ermanno Cavazzoni and Luca Santiago Mora, 8.30 pm
Atelier dell’Errore In Film February 9, 6 pm
From February 5 to February 10, 2014, 10 am - 1 pm ; 2 - 6 pm

5 . 10 February 2014, 10 am > 1 pm ; 2 > 6 pm



Drawings and films by the Atelier dell’Errore, a visual arts studio for Child Neuropsychiatry. Curated by Valentina Ciuffi, Giovanni De Francesco and the Atelier dell’Errore.

Nobody knows where these beasts come from, nor where they will take refuge once they have appeared. They represent a relevant part of the vast corpus of the Atlante degli Animali Mancanti (Atlas of the Missing Animals) a unique worldwide compendium of Ultra-Zoology, drawn-up with almost obsessive tenacity by the "Piccoli Professori dell’Atelier dell’Errore" (Little Professors of the Atelier of the Error), a visual arts studio that Luca Santiago Mora dedicated to Child Neuropsychiatry.

This is an archive of beings which have never been born or those which have always survived. This archive can only be used, throughheavenly ways, by those who are somehow in the grip of celestial attraction. While we, burdened by the terrestrial attraction, can only keep admiring them.

For twelve years in the ateliers devoted to Child Neuropsychiatry in AUSL in Reggio Emilia and Bergamo, only animals have been drawn.
These beasts do not offer themselves up to the skilled hands of grown-ups or well-schooled children:they originate from special  demiurges-sheperds-breeders, slowly emerging during long afternoons from submerged worlds, universes buried under layers of defeats.
The kids who attend the ateliers, aged between 7 and 16 years old, are all certified and followed by the Child Neuropsychiatry department.
From the medical charts, different problems emerge: more or less serious disabilities, difficulties in learning and concentrating, the most varied and articulated syndromes, hyperactivity, Down’s syndromeand also autism.

Atelier dell’Errore developed a relevant exhibiting activity, in the most different places and spaces, enlivening them with the souls of animals who often carry many of their authors' problems.
The sources of inspiration are also incredibly varied, from the ancient physiologists to the Legenda Aurea, up to the contemporary.
This is the background of the recent research aimed at giving form and substance to some of the oddest animals from the recent book by Ermanno Cavazzoni Guida agli animali fantastici (Guide to the imaginary animals) (Guanda, 2011) among which are featured: the Catoblepa, the Pirotoco, the Pirauste, the Worm of Indo and the Remora.
These same rare and strange typologies are in turn further transformed by the image-based knowledge of the Little Atelier Professors and so the glossy-eyed Catoblepa, Remora Baianfantiticole, Pirotoco Watching Females, Thousand Tears Catoblepa, Iron Pirotoco or Pirus Infiamatico amazingly appear.
On February 4 this curious company will settle at the Marsèlleria, on the occasion of the first Milanese exhibition of the Atelier dell'Errore. An extremely rare epiphany, magnetic for the eyes and contagious for the heart.
After all, these beasts - no one knows whereof they come nor where they will take shelter - are just escapees from the prison of our imagination, as one of the little Professors of the Free University of the Atelier dell’Errore concludes.

During the exhibition, it will be possible to support the Atelier dell’Errore by buying the following books:
24X7X12 EST (24x7x12 EAST), Atelier dell'Errore for MAImuseo, APM Edizioni, 2013
BESTIARIO (BESTIARY), Atelier dell'Errore, Campanotto Editore, 2007

Atelier dell’Errore have organised the exhibition of their works in different places and spaces, among which are: the department of Nuclear Medicine Humanitas Gavazzeni (Permanent installation, 2010)in Bergamo, the Magazzini del Sale (Salt Warehouses) for the RADIOTRE Festival in Cervia (2012), the San Stae Church on the Grand Canal in Venice (2012), the square in front of the MAImuseo in Cremona(Permanent Luminous Installation, 2013), the Natural Science Museum in Bergamo (January 2014).
Some of their animals can also be found on the covers of the books Quodlibet, collection Compagnia Extra.

It's an escapee from the prison of our imagination
Curated by Valentina Ciuffi, Giovanni De Francesco and the Atelier dell’Errore

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